FortressMedia will get your business on the World Wide Web. We design and develop all types of web sites ranging from start-up Internet web presence websites to extremely complex database-driven websites to meet your exacting web presence requirements. Whether you company provides services, information or sells products on the web, with high tech tools, world-class designers and developers using proven design techniques, we will get your business online at the most affordable price.

FortressMedia will work with you in all stages of the development of your web site:

Interview: Our experience is that an interview with the client helps in defining the purpose and audience of their proposed web site. It allows you to see what information is most important and relevant to the people you want to attract to your site.

Matching Your Target Customers to Your Web Site: This establishes the tone and feel of the site. It also helps to focus on your target audience's likely access speed, computer platforms, browser and level of computer experience which will directly influence the design and complexity of your site.

How do you want your website? This is the phase wherein we ascertain whether you need a business/corporate presence, a forum, a database, or perhaps an online store to market your goods locally and worldwide.

Custom Designing (the look of your web site): No run-of-the-mill, slow loading, generic-looking interfaces for our customers. You specify the color, logo, buttons and general layout of the site. This allows you to create the atmosphere yielding maximum visual impact to your site. We can even custom design Flash, Java and GIF animations for added enhancement. You can view some examples of website layouts here.

Online Catalogs and Web Stores: Sell an UNLIMITED number of products online! We can configure a web store complete with shopping carts and check out screens wherein your customers can purchase securely with all major credit cards and Paypal accounts.

Getting Your Site on the Web: FortressMedia can get your web site hosted for $20 a month! We will get you a domain name and business e-mail accounts.

Be Seen on the Web: We can get your site listed on the web! Search engines and indexes are picky, rigid and unpredictable at best. We offer many methods of getting you listed. You are serious with your business and you want the broadest web reach possible. When the content of your site changes, we can have your site resubmitted to the search engines as often as needed! We will tell you how these search engines work and get you guaranteed listing in the major search engines! Try searching for "Retail fleece" in either Google or Yahoo! and our customer, "" will list as number 1!

Customer Satisfaction is Paramount. Work in progress will be posted online in our web site and you will be given a URL so you can view progress, suggest modifications and test the navigation. Interaction with our web designer will be by convenient forum-style, email, or by phone. If you are in the local area, we can come to your business location with your prototype web site installed in a laptop so you can view the work in progress, specify artwork and approve the design.

Nothing makes us happier than the opportunity to help you and knowing we have made a positive difference.

Starter Web Presence Package-- $699
E-commerce Websites
Professional Websites
Newspaper and E-Zines
Personal Websites
Business Web Presence
And More...! Email us for more details!


Designing and Development
SQL Server (6.5, 7.0, 2000)
PostGreSQL (7.4+,8.0+)
Microsoft Access (2000, XP, 2003)
Active Server Pages (ASP)
Java Server Pages (JSP)
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Flash text and animation

Big or small, we deliver! We are the designers and IT managers of five of the world's largest employment websites!


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